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Why does Eastern Cheshire need Caring Together?

We have been delivering services in the same way for many years and increasingly this is no longer meeting the health and social care requirements of local peoples.  We’re living longer, many people want to be treated in their own homes and medical advances mean that the way the hospital services are provided is evolving.  If we do not do anything, these changes could have severe impacts on our health and social care services.

Over the past 18 months, the Caring Together programme has been speaking to local people and care staff about what they think could be done to improve the quality of care in Eastern Cheshire and make care services work better for them.

People in Eastern Cheshire have told us that access between support from different care services is not joined up and often difficult to understand.  We also heard that you want more information to manage your specific needs to enable you to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.  You also told us that you want more services close to where you live and only use a hospital when absolutely necessary.

We have listened to local people and your feedback has helped to shape our plans and ambitions for putting the Caring Together programme into practice.

With your help eight Caring Together ambitions have been developed which describe how we intend to transform the way that health and social care is provided in Eastern Cheshire.
Watch this video to see what Caring Together is all about:

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