Cheshire Career and Engagement Hub

1st June 2017

Caring Together has named seven enablers of joined-up care, one of which is a sustainable workforce. The ideal workforce has the right mix of highly-skilled, well-trained staff of different ages, and one which plans for those nearing retirement.

It is therefore important to interest young people in careers in health and social care – which is why Caring Together partners have joined counterparts from elsewhere to establish a Cheshire Career and Engagement Hub. The hub presented at the Greater Manchester Skills, Careers and Apprenticeship CHOICES Show in March, winning best large stand.

careers fair

The aim of the stand was to inspire young people to consider the wealth of career opportunities offered by the NHS. Cheshire colleagues were joined by counterparts from the Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside hubs plus representatives of North West Ambulance Service and the North West Skills Development Network.

The event gave around 10,000 young people a chance to gain hands-on experience, get career guidance and explore more than 350 exciting and diverse roles.

Activities on the stand included simulations of adult and infant resuscitation, taking blood from an artificial arm, practising dexterity skills on a giant operation game, blood pressure monitoring  and  exploring the inside of a working ambulance.  Students were invited to wear visual impairment goggles to understand the difficulties experienced by some patients, and were told about hand and dental hygiene.

Health careers leaflets highlighted the wide range of roles available, both clinical and non-clinical, while a wall of photos and case studies helped bring apprenticeship opportunities to life. There was lots of interest in careers in nursing, midwifery, medicine, psychology and dentistry.

As well as having a stall, hub representatives gave spotlight talks on building careers in health and care.

Sean Bradbury, head of workforce development for Health Education England (North West) said: “The Cheshire Hub managed to portray the breadth of careers and opportunities in health while remaining accessible to the show’s audience.”

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