East Cheshire Hospice joins Cheshire Care Record

28th February 2017

East Cheshire Hospice has joined the Cheshire Care Record, helping achieve the Caring Together ambition of integrated care.

The Macclesfield-based care provider has announced that it is the latest healthcare organisation to start using the Cheshire Care Record, an online database that gives care providers a shared, up-to-date view of information that patients have agreed to share.


A single view of accurate data enables providers to make rapid, informed decisions in order to provide the best possible integrated care. It also relieves patients of the frustration of having to keep repeating their story.

Sarah Dale, the hospice’s advanced nurse practitioner, said: “The care record puts the patient at the centre, facilitating the right care and treatment. It also reduces frustration and stress for patients by showing that professionals involved in their care communicate and have collaborative working partnerships.”

The record contains information including summaries of medical history, allergies and social care services being provided.

Last year, the record was short listed for a Health Service Journal award in the category of “enhancing care by sharing data and information.”

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