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Why care in Eastern Cheshire needs to change

People in Eastern Cheshire deserve services that are of the highest quality that are provided as locally as possible. Leaders of local care services believe that people should sit at the heart of a proactive care system, centred on them and their carers.  They also believe that local people should be supported to take responsibility for their own health as much as possible.  This belief in what is right for the people of Eastern Cheshire is matched by their ambition to achieve it.

In Eastern Cheshire there is in fact much to be proud of.  Our staff continue to work hard to provide good care of a high standard, local people are relatively healthy compared with other parts of the country and local organisations have a track record of working well together to meet the needs of local people.  However, the fact remains that services have been delivered in the same way for many years and increasingly, this way of delivering services no longer meets the needs of our local people and care staff.

Local people and care staff tell us:

  • services are fragmented, reactive and difficult to access
  • staff can sometimes find it difficult to respond to the needs of the people they support in the way they would like
  • some carers feel they do not have enough support in their caring role
  • some people do not get enough support to be independent, are going into hospital unnecessarily and they stay in hospital; beds when they do not need to be there. When people leave hospital they sometimes find it difficult to get the services and support they need to recover and stay healthy

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