Induction Pack

To: All new staff employed by an Eastern Cheshire Caring Together partner

From: Dr Neil Goodwin, Chair of Caring Together 

Neil Goodwin

Dear Colleague,

Re: Eastern Cheshire’s ‘Caring Together’ programme

I am really pleased to contribute to the information you receive in the very early stages of your taking up a new role working within Eastern Cheshire’s health and social care services. Knowing that your employer will be expecting you to do (and read) lots of other things as you find your feet, I will keep my welcoming comments to the point.

Eastern Cheshire is striving to do “care” differently, and it is called “Caring Together”. All health and care organisations, whether provider or commissioner, health or social, are signed up. This is all about organisations and individuals collaborating for the individual. By working together to meet their needs, we reduce duplication and waste and stop people falling between the gaps. Care is individualised, empowers people to take charge of their health, and allows health and social care professionals to do what is right for their client or patient – not just what is the “responsibility” of their or another organisation. Commissioners are aiming to commission for outcomes and allow the freedom to innovate based on a set of core, mutually agreed, standards and ambitions. If we achieve this, not only will we meet the needs of our ageing population, but will do so with the increasingly stretched resource we have. Ambitious, yes, but ground breaking and achievable, I believe.

There is already much to be proud of in our health and social care services in Eastern Cheshire. Staff work hard and local organisations have a good track record of working together. However, all of those organisations also know that services must be continuously improved – and that’s why they have formed the Caring Together integrated health and social care partnership. Three key ambitions lie at the heart of that:

  • organising services around the needs of individual local people;
  • empowering local people to take responsibility for their own health and well-being; and utilising and supporting all community assets, carers and patients themselves; and
  • expecting everyone working within health and social care services (whether as employees, carers or volunteers) to adopt a ‘would this service be good enough for me?’ approach to the quality of care they deliver – and take responsibility for triggering improvements where needed.

In other parts of your induction information, you will find more detail about exactly how the entire programme knits together and what’s happening now. You can continue to stay in touch with developments through the Caring Together website ( and regular newsletters.

I am glad you have chosen to join us and hope you enjoy your work within Eastern Cheshire. If you always put the patient’s or citizen’s needs at the heart of what you do, you are unlikely to go far wrong!

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Watch this video to see find out more about the Caring Together vision:

This “Sheila’s Story” animation tells the story of how the care received by Sheila and Ken will be different for them through the new models of care being developed by the Eastern Cheshire Caring Together programme. 

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