Integrated care is fast becoming a reality

8th August 2017

The following case study illustrates the benefits of the integrated care that is fast becoming a reality in Knutsford, and Bollington, Disley and Poynton. Maureen’s real name has been withheld at her request.

Maureen is out in the garden with her husband. She takes a tumble and sustains a wound to her leg. Her husband phones 999 and an ambulance attends. Rather than taking Maureen to A&E, the crew applies a dressing and refers her to primary care. District nurses are then asked to see her.

integrated care

Maureen speaks with a nurse who advises her to visit the wound clinic in her local medical centre. Maureen is seen and treated accordingly. She is also advised about falls management and referred to her local voluntary sector falls service. In other words, Maureen quickly gets the care she needs while demand is reduced for hard-pressed services in A&E.

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