Key messages

15th February 2018

Here are the key messages from the October, November, December and January meetings of Caring Together Programme Board.

Caring Together 4

October 2017:

  • Members approved proposals to accelerate the development of the three remaining community hubs

November 2017:

  • Board supported proposals to strengthen clinical and managerial leadership of the community hubs as they move into the next phase of development.

December 2018:

  • Positive progress of the Community Hubs and the impact on old age medicine of outpatient referrals
  • Agreement for the Caring Together and Connecting Care Programme Boards to join up with effect from February 2018.

January 2018:

  • Additional resources have been secured to support the further development and roll out of the community hubs supporting the integration of care and service delivery in the community.
  • The Programme Board has approved the proposal to go out to public consultation on the proposed redesign of adult and older people’s specialist mental health services.
  • The partners of the Caring Together Programme Board and the Connecting Care Programme Board have supported plans to join up the two transformation programmes under a joint Partnership Board from this month (February).


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