New governance structure revealed

22nd January 2016

The governance arrangements for the Caring Together programme have been revised.

A Caring Together Programme Board replaces the Caring Together Leadership Forum.  The new board comprises the chairs and chief executives of the key partner organisations, who will be responsible for driving forward the changes locally.

The new governance arrangements include other new groups and signal changes to the current workstreams. These are being revised to facilitate the work that is now needed to develop detailed implementation plans and to subsequently implement these.  Terms of Reference will be developed for all the new workstreams.

We want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has been part of the Caring Together programme to date and would hope that you are able to continue to support the programme going forward.  We would also like to take the opportunity to invite others to get involved in the programme.  If you are interested please contact and a representative of the programme will get in touch. Specific attention will be given to identifying the key stakeholders for each programme of work.

The Communication and Engagement workstream will be tasked with refreshing the stakeholder analysis and communication strategy for the programme. This workstream will also co-ordinate the production and dissemination of communication materials related to the programme and will co-ordinate any formal consultation with staff and public regarding proposals for service change.

Further details regarding the new governance structure will be included in future newsletters.  Alternatively please contact a member of the Team for further information. The structure is illustrated in the diagram below.

governance structure

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