Pioneering mental health service goes live

25th September 2015

The people who plan and buy healthcare in Eastern Cheshire are the first in England to take up a new online mental health service.

NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG has signed up to a five-month trial of the SilverCloud service for people with low to moderate symptoms of mental health problems including depression, anxiety and stress. The innovative technology will help achieve the Caring Together ambition of empowering people to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing.


And it will support Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, the area’s largest provider of mental health services, to deliver face-to-face talking therapies to people with more severe symptoms. The SilverCloud trial will help 100 people on the current waiting list and will allow up to eight clinician-led reviews of the person’s progress through the various online programmes.

SilverCloud features a library of programmes accessible via PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet device. The programmes support people suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, eating issues and chronic illness.

Designed by SilverCloud Health in partnership with Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, the package teaches coping mechanisms and techniques to promote positive thinking.

The service features:

  • Initial assessment of client suitability for supported online therapy
  • A therapeutic programme tackling anxiety and depression, with 12 weeks’ support from Berkshire’s trained talking therapy counsellors
  • Detailed analysis and reporting of client progress and outcomes.

The various modules are available around the clock and backed up by opportunities for one-to-one engagement with clinicians.

Dr Ian Hulme, CCG mental health lead and GP with Meadowside Medical Centre, Congleton said: “We’re working hard to reduce waiting times for talking therapies, and this pilot service is an important part of that effort, offering immediate access to online cognitive behavioural therapy for common mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety and stress.”

Ken Cahill, chief executive at SilverCloud Health, said: “I’m delighted to be launching this service with our partner, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. This new supported service will provide immediate access to evidence-based care and ease the pressure on face-to-face talking therapy services.”

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