Promoting careers in general practice

12th October 2017

Eastern Cheshire’s 22 GP practices have established an Enhanced Training Hub, based in Bollington Medical Centre to promote careers in general practice.

Its aim is to promote careers in general practice and tackle the shortfall of people entering clinical and non-clinical roles. The successes to date will be celebrated at the Royal College of General Practitioners’ conference in Liverpool from 12 to 14 October presented by Liz Thomas, senior programme manager in workforce transformation at Health Education England North West.

cheshire career hub

The hub was established with the support of Vernova Healthcare – a community interest company representing the area’s GP practices.  The hub has plans to become a primary care academy offering the following to East and West Cheshire:

Career promotion: The hub is collaborating with the Cheshire Career and Engagement Hub to develop a high school work experience programme.

Student placements: The hub has already achieved a 50 per cent increase in student placements for student nurses and physician associates with Eastern Cheshire practices. In addition, joint inductions for students across practices have enabled a consistent and high-quality introduction to general practice while allowing use of guest speakers to offer students insight into career and clinical research opportunities.

Learning and development: The hub is working with local GP federations and practices to develop a learning and development strategic plan for primary care and explore the potential of electronic learning solutions to support clinicians with transformational change.

A one-stop shop for education and learning opportunities: The creation of a Primary Care Prospectus as part of the development of a one-stop shop has allowed a more streamlined approach to the promotion of local learning and development opportunities. The prospectus is published quarterly in electronic and hard copy formats.

The hub will support the achievement of a sustainable workforce, seen by Caring Together as a key enabler of joined-up care.

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