It should not matter who provides the different care services – whether the NHS, the local council or a voluntary organisation – what is important is that those services should work together to raise standards and provide a joined-up system of care that presents no barriers and works for the people using them, their carers and those that provide them.

That’s why we want to work with you to achieve measures of success that:

  • have increased the number of people having a positive experience of care
  • have reduced health inequalities across Eastern Cheshire
  • have ensured local people can access care to the highest standards and are protected from avoidable harm
  • have ensured that all those living in Eastern Cheshire will be supported by new, better integrated, joined-up community services
  • have increased the proportion of older people living independently at home and who feel supported to manage their condition
  • have improved the health related quality of life of people with one or more long term conditions, including mental health conditions
  • have secured additional years of quality life for the people of Eastern Cheshire with treatable mental and physical health conditions

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